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What You Need to Know About Immigration Visas in the United States
Every year the United States government makes about 140,000 immigration visas for aliens who relocate to the United States as employees. To qualify for an employment-based visa in the U.S., an individual must possess the right skills, work experience, and education. An individual may gain permanent residency in the United States with an employment visa. There are different types of employment-based immigrant visas, including:

Immigration Visas

EB1 Visa: Extraordinary Ability Visa Category

This visa category is for individuals who possess extraordinary science, arts education, business, or sports abilities. The EB1 visa is divided into three subsets:

  • EB-1A. Aliens with extraordinary abilities
  • EB-1B. Outstanding researchers and professors
  • EB-1C. Multinational business executives or managers

Applicants in this category can petition for an employment visa by themselves, and if their petition is approved, they will receive a green card. The applicant's employer can also file for the petition and show proof of the job offer. The application process involves filing the 1-140 form with the USCIS and showing documentation proof based on the category you are applying in.

EB2 Visa:Advanced Degree, Masters, or 
Higher Education Visa Category

The INA section 203(b)(2) outlines this employment-based visa application method. You may qualify for this employment-based visa if:

  • You hold an advanced degree or its foreign equivalent  
  • Have exceptional abilities who have demonstrated achievements in arts, business or sciences
  • Can obtain a national interest waiver that shows that working in the United States will benefit the country

Application for the EB2 visa involves multiple steps that require the employer and the alien. The application involves three significant parts, which include:

  • Getting a labor certificate
  • Filling a petition
  • Green card interview with the USCIS or the U.S. consulate

Visa for Fiancée

A fiancé visa or the K-1 is a visa given to a fiancé of an American citizen. This allows the individual to travel to the United States and marry a U.S. citizen within 90 days. Once married, the spouse is eligible to remain in the country and file for permanent residency. To be eligible to petition the U.S. government for your fiancé visa, you must fulfill the following requirement:

  • Be a U.S. Citizen
  • Both be single, divorced, or widowed
  • Have no significant criminal background
  • Having met your fiancé, in-person video communication will not be considered
  • Be financially capable of supporting your Fiancé  

If you meet the specifications above, you can consult an immigration attorney fromThe Law Offices of NomaniandNomani to assist you in the entire process. With our experienced immigration lawyers, you don't need to worry about anything. Just provide the required information, and we'll start the application process on your behalf. We will prepare you for the application interview conducted by an official at the nearest U.S. embassy. The petitioner is not required to attend the interviews, but you can attend the interview if you are together. After the interview, all you need to do is wait for the approval of the visa. After the visa is approved, your fiancé is free to travel to the U.S. However, they must travel within six months, or the visa will become invalid.

Visa for Fiancée
Visa for Students

Visa for Students

Have you been accepted into a U.S. university or an exchange program in the United States? What you need to do next is apply for a U.S. student visa. There are different study and exchange visas offered by the United States, and you need to know the right visa to apply for. The U.S. Immigration laws change daily and can be pretty tricky. Determining the best visa to apply for and navigating the application process might be a little bit difficult. The three types of student visas in the United States include:

  • F-1 visa. This is used by high school, college, or university students applying for undergraduate or postgraduate education in the United States.
  • M-1 visa.This is a non-academic visa meant for vocational study in the United States. It covers short programs that are career-based, like culinary school.
  • J-1 visa.This type of visa is for exchange visors, including scholars, interns, or study abroad students.

For your student visa application to be approved in the United States, hiring a qualified immigration attorney is advisable. Nomani and Nomani LLP is one of the best immigration firms in Texas that offers counsel in different immigration areas. Contact us today to book a consultation with our legal team!

Visas for Temporary Visitors

Temporary visas for visitors to the United States are known as nonimmigrant visas. They grant the applicant a limited to live in the United States. Therefore, the applicant is required to prove that they don't have any intention of staying in the country indefinitely. There are different types of temporary visitors' visas, including:

B1 business visitor visa.This is a nonimmigrant visa meant for individuals interested in doing business in the United States. Acquiring a B1visa is relatively easy, but you require an attorney's help to ensure you don't miss a single detail in your application. With a B-! Visa, you can do certain business activities in the united states, including

  • Investigate business opportunities
  • Negotiate contracts
  • Attend business meetings and conferences
  • Purchase property
  • Consult with associates

B2 Visa.This type of visa allows visitors from foreign countries to enter the country for a limited time. This can be for recreational purposes or medical treatment. Applying for a B2 visa involves multiple steps: filling out required forms, scheduling an interview with the U.S. embassy or consulate in their country, and finally, paying the required application fees. It also involves providing documents needed to be reviewed by the immigrant officer. The application is then reviewed and can either be approved or denied.

Visas for Temporary Visitors

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The application process for any immigrant visa requires the applicant to keep track of multiple factors like dates, fees, or documentation. This can be pretty overwhelming and confusing; thus, you require the services of a qualified and skilled immigrant lawyer. AtThe Law OfficesNomani and Nomani, we have a proven track record of helping many visitors enter the United States successfully. We proudly serve clients in Houston, TX, targeting Houston, Missouri City, Stafford, Sugar Land, Bellaire, and the other surrounding Texas communities. We’re committed to providing every one of them with the best possible legal representation. Visit our website for more information, or call us at (713) 789-7500 to learn how we can help you.


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