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Family law is a legal practice that focuses on issues around family relationships. Some problems might include divorce, adoption, marriage, child custody, etc. At we have experienced family lawyers who will represent you in any family court-related negotiations. We can also draft any legal requirements needed in court proceedings, such as property agreements and court petitions.

Whether you want an attorney specializing in adoption, emancipation, or other matters, including divorce, we have specialized attorneys in family matters, and they are ready to help.

Family Law

Why Is Family Law Important?

Family law is a vast area of practice and not only tied to divorce; it also includes other issues like reproductive rights foster care. The whole procedure requires having a trusted legal professional to help you and ensure that you and your members are well protected and presented throughout the legal process. Some of the cases that you should get an attorney from the Law Offices of Nomani and Nomani include:

  • Paternity. In case of paternity issues, family attorneys are needed to determine the biological father of the kids. they ensure the case filed by the mother to secure support from the father is successful.
  • Child custody and child support.There is a need for a reasonable attorney to be safe and assured that your child custody is not tampered with. Court orders and settlement agreements need a party that understands them.
  • Adoption or foster care.Adoption is a complex process that requires critical decision-making, which cannot be fulfilled unless you connect with the right attorneys from the right firm. The legal process will guard you against any future risks, like other parents claiming to be biological parents.
  • In a divorce process, you need an attorney to help settle issues and prevent rivals. The divorce attorney will help divide marital property, calculate the spousal and childcare support, and propose a child custody support and visitation plan. 

The process of obtaining justice in matters regarding families can be complicated and expensive. A skilled divorce lawyer can give you advice and counsel regarding your rights and obligations under the law and help make sure that all necessary legal procedures are correctly followed to ensure a fair resolution to your case.

Order of Protection

This is a legal document a judge orders someone to follow precisely to restrict them from doing some things to a person, and police are allowed to arrest immediately they sense violation. Though they are not always a permanent solution, they allow provisions within the law if the abuser does not follow the order.

What Is Included in Order of Protection?

An order of protection has several provisions depending on the situation and the damage caused by the abuser. Some of the provisions in order of protection include:

  • Stay away provision.Orders the abuser to keep off a certain meters away from the victim's job, car, school, or home. The distance can vary from 100-to 300 meters; however, the yards will go with your state.
  • Peaceful contact provision.Allows the abuser to communicate peacefully with the victim for important reasons such as child visitation, etc.
  • No contact provision.Creates a permanent barrier from either emailing, texting, calling, attacking, or doing anything that will affect the victim.
  • Moveout provision. This order commands the abuser to leave the homestead shared by the victim.
  • Counseling provision.Orders the abuser to attend counseling to help them understand their problem and work on it.
  • Firearms provision. This requires the abuser to present any firearms they had. It also restrains the abuser from purchasing them.

At the Law Offices of Nomani and Nomani, our family lawyers can help you with filing an order of protection. If you or a loved one has suffered abuse or violence at the hands of a partner or close friend, it is always best to put your safety first and take the necessary legal steps to protect yourself from further harm. Through an order of protection, our attorneys can help you legally restrain any person from contacting you by removing them from your home and preventing them from coming near your children’s school, work, or other important places.

Divorce Attorney

Divorce lawyers are skilled in the numerous legal matters that pertain to divorce. A divorce lawyer specializing in this area of law can help you navigate the process from beginning to end. Many people hire a lawyer without knowing how much it will cost. And many also wonder when the right time is to hire a divorce attorney.

When facing divorce, you need a lawyer to represent your interests and protect your rights. A divorce can be the most trying experience of your life, but it doesn't have to be. An experienced divorce attorney can help you navigate the process with as minor damage as possible and help you start looking forward to the future. Here are some of the things our divorce lawyer can help you with:

  • Child custody and visitation.Representing parents in cases involving both sole custody and joint custody by agreement or court order.
  • Child support.Representation for both custodial and non-custodial parents.
  • Division of property.Includes real estate, personal property, retirement benefits, and debt division.
  • Visitation rights.Child visitation rights, grandparent's visitation rights, and other family members' visitation rights.
  • Dividing assets. Dividing marital assets, including debt.
  • Alimony (spousal support). Fighting for maintenance or defending against an alimony claim.
Divorce Attorney

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