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Divorce can be emotionally unsettling and confusing. The Law Offices of Nomani and Nomani focus on information and education. We will help you understand the process every step of the way so that you’re never left in the dark wondering what comes next. And we offer a range of services to cover all your legal needs, including child custody, child support, property division, and moral support during this difficult time. The attorneys know the detailed information about the division of property assets and are ready to give you a hand in your journey.

Divorce Lawyer

What are the Qualifications of Our Divorce Lawyers?

Getting the best attorneys to represent you in a legal process can, at times, be hectic. Some of the exceptional characteristics our attorneys have are:

  • They have settled cases in court before.
  • They have been practicing family law for years.
  • They are much more interested in your satisfaction than the money.
  • They have practiced collaborative divorce and reached a peaceful agreement among couples.
  • Divorce lawyers have specialized explicitly in divorce cases and have a good experience in that field.

Property and Asset Division

The divorce process needs to be done right for equal division of assets and property, especially if the parties involved have accumulated assets together or have a business. What we do as the best law firm is:

  • We assure our clients of complete protection of their assets despite the size of their wealth.At the Law Offices of Nomani and Nomani , our team of paralegals, independent experts, and the team of attorneys are ready to work with you and ensure that not a single asset or property is denied to you illegally. They ensure a fair share of what both parties have gathered over time. We all know that Texas law needs an equitable division of marital assets and debts. Fair distribution calls for a third party who is an experienced attorney who will help and find value in the assets. Occasionally people with much wealth are too hard to handle in that the more they have, they want to keep it. But we got the best team to deliver you the best and make sure your interests are protected.
  • Keenly identify and value marital assets and debts.When dividing marital assets is a very straightforward exercise. For instance, the parties involved had a smaller estate, which means there was nothing of considerable value that the parties could share, making it difficult to distribute. However, the decision does not need to be so tricky that the parties must decide who to take what and be done. It is good to work with cooperating parties since the fight over the items might cost more than the asset to high-value estates. The firm has complex financial portfolios, businesses, and properties to appraise before a complete understanding. Our firm is well equipped with what is required to identify and value marital assets and debts. We work with the best and highly regarded experts to investigate, identify, and establish these assets’ market value and develop the best way to divide them to ensure both parties are satisfied with the share of the estate's value.

What are you waiting for? An equitable division of assets and property will contribute to the economic future to ensure that your life is not guesswork.At the Law Offices of Nomani and Nomani, we are determined to help you get your equal share of what you both accumulated while in marriage; contact us and get to speak to one of the best attorneys in Houston and Texas Who will help you rightfully retain what is yours.

Collaborative Divorce

Collaborative Divorce

Collaborative divorce is the modern way of resolving issues people go through when ending marriages. One can look at it as a combination of divorce mediation and traditional divorce involving the attorney. It encourages parties to work hand and resolve their dispute. Compared to other types of divorce solutions that could leave one party dissatisfied, the objective of collaborative law is to find the best solution that both parties will compromise but will benefit both. Don't hesitate to reach out to the Law Offices of Nomani and Nomani  and contact our attorneys to walk you through the collaborative divorce smoothly.

How is collaborative law better than other options?

Collaborative law is tied to as many benefits that you will not hesitate to choose as your divorce solution option. Some of them include:

  • Co-parenting. Collaborative divorce reduces conflicts and encourages more communication. It is good as spouses to maintain a healthy co-parenting relationship to make it easy for the adjusting parents.
  • Compared to litigation, collaborative divorce only happens in a private setting such as a lawyer's office. This assures the spouses a secure setting for their sensitive information shared
  • Joint flexibility is very flexible in that the process involved is less stressful, and you cannot agree on what you do not want. You are not forced to do anything.
  • In a collaborative setting, you will encounter full support from other experts such as mental health professionals, financial professionals, and a lawyer for each party, unlike mediation.
  • Due to the flexibility tied to collaboration, there is always a feeling of ease in both parties' schedules hence faster than the court procedure. Compared to the period courts take, this is much less and cheaper.
  • In collaborative divorce, all parties have a significant role in decision-making, hence the satisfaction of the outcome, unlike in litigation and arbitration, where the parties will still have issues and arguments over the decisions made by the judge in court.

If you have any issues regarding collaborative law and need help from an attorney, don hesitates to contact me to get a free consultation and learn how to go about it.

collaborative law better than other options

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High costs and fees make it difficult to find a divorce lawyer for many individuals.Legal activists have suggested that getting an uncontested divorce should be reformed, making it less complicated.The process can be costly and a bit longer for those who can manage it—taking three months minimum in many cases, but often longer. Interviewing several attorneys from the Law Offices of Nomani and Nomani can help you clarify what you need and better understand the time and costs involved. Visit our website for more information, or call us at (713) 789-7500 to learn how we can help you.

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